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 Holiday rentals for those who like a bit of kink

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PostSubject: Holiday rentals for those who like a bit of kink    Wed May 13, 2015 3:20 am

If you like the Airbnb format for finding getaway digs but have found that too many hosts have closed minds (and doors) with regard to kinky sex, KinkKNB will help get you off at the right destination.

The kinky accommodation website allows fetishists to rent dungeons and prison cells in the private homes of fellow bondage enthusiasts around the world.

KinkBNB co-founder Ryan Galiotto told PSFK that, while adults who like to toe the line of sexual convention might face push-back in various areas of their lives, they should be able to play safely and comfortably while on vacation, and in spaces provided by similarly open-minded folk, a dynamic that, unfortunately, Airbnb and other mainstream sites havenít always offered.
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Holiday rentals for those who like a bit of kink

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