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 Education: OZschwitz politicians are taking the fun out of learning

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PostSubject: Education: OZschwitz politicians are taking the fun out of learning   Wed Nov 09, 2016 10:04 pm

ducation was once largely free from political direction but now it is almost exclusively run by politicians. Their catch cries are accountability and standardised testing, all the while failing to understand how or why children learn. Educational philosopher John Holt (1923-1986)  once wrote that our schools have moved steadily in the wrong direction. "Schools are becoming bigger ... more threatening, more dangerous." He said we were de-personalising education into a production line method – a one-size-fits-all mentality.

Children learn at different rates and have widely varied interests. It is counter-intuitive to allocate massive resources into the NAPLAN standardised testing, which works against the natural inquisitive growing mind of young learners.  Open-ended inquiry learning is what challenges and excites young learners.  Replace the nationwide standardised testing with the study of philosophy from a young age and  motivate children to learn. We are  putting good money into an underachieving school system. We must ensure the system excites and challenges each and every student, and then fund schools along the lines of the Gonski review.
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Education: OZschwitz politicians are taking the fun out of learning

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