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 Operation study reveals rock music impairs amatuer surgeons

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PostSubject: Operation study reveals rock music impairs amatuer surgeons    Sun Dec 11, 2016 5:43 pm

New research in the Medical Journal of Australia has shown Australian rock music can impair men's performance as a surgeon.

Well, it can impair the performance of a pretend surgeon playing the board game "Operation".

The study was one of two winning submissions in the journal's Christmas competition, and aimed to correct the fact that "there has been little research into whether music can support surgical skills in the medically untrained general public".

More than 350 study participants, all of whom had no prior surgical training or experience, were made to either listen to the sound of an operating theatre, Mozart, or Australian rock music.

The subjects then had to remove three organs from Cavity Sam using surgical tweezers, and they were assessed for time taken to remove the organs, the number of mistakes they made, and their perceived distraction levels.

Results were analysed separately by sex, as "research has suggested that men and women like and respond differently to different genres of music".
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Operation study reveals rock music impairs amatuer surgeons

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