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 Here's what the world's most expensive modern car looks like

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PostSubject: Here's what the world's most expensive modern car looks like   Sun Dec 11, 2016 6:04 pm

On a good day, a LaFerrari is worth about $US1.8 million ($2.4m), but last night in the US, the 500th and very last car set a new auction record when it went under the hammer, raising an astonishing $US7 million ($9.5m) - the most paid for 21st-century automobile in a public auction.

The price includes a lot of goodwill on the part of many, since the money will go towards reconstruction efforts in central Italy following the devastating earthquakes that reduced historic towns such as Amatrice to rubble earlier this year.

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Ferrari announced on August 31 that it would make a 500th car - the original production run was 499 two-seat coupes - and donate it to charity to help its homeland. It gave some extremely well-heeled people a money-can't-buy opportunity, because the first 499 owners were all personally selected by the Italian supercar maker. When one came onto the market in August, it sold for $US4.7 million ($6.4m).

LaFerrari is said to be the most powerful and fastest car the Prancing Horse has produced, with the 6.3-litre V12 generating 588kW (789bhp) and 700Nm (520lb·ft) of torque, with an additional electric motor adding another 120kW, for a total of 708kW (950bhp) and 900Nm (664lb·ft).

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All that grunt gets you to 100km/h in under 3 seconds, and 200km/h in under 7, with a top speed of 350km/h (220mph). This car has a red exterior with a white dream line on the hood and rear windshield, plus small Italian flag on the hood as a reminder of Ferrari's gift, and will also feature a commemorative plaque.

The buyer of LaFerrari 500 is unknown, but it took around 10 minutes for the bidding to go from $US1.5 million to the new $7 million record.
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Here's what the world's most expensive modern car looks like

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