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 Lame Gen X: what did the Boomers ever do for us?

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PostSubject: Lame Gen X: what did the Boomers ever do for us?   Wed Jan 18, 2017 11:38 pm

I'm 50 this year. My parents are well into their 70s. They can't believe I'm 50, as they still feel so young. They are "young". They are still involved in things. Global holidaying, writing letters to MPs, wisely consulting to their past subordinates, recounting the big achievements in their (ex) jobs.

In many ways I am following in the long shadow cast by the post-war generation. They did many things that we take for granted today. Countries they made popular to visit; music they invented and listened to; companies they set up; airlines and the motorway networks they built; vast suburbs they planned and inhabited; space exploration they initiated; sports they made popular; cars they designed and drove; even technology (the internet). These were all their achievements, we inherited their ideas.
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Lame Gen X: what did the Boomers ever do for us?

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