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 Distrustful nation: OZschwitz loses faith in politics, media and business

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PostSubject: Distrustful nation: OZschwitz loses faith in politics, media and business    Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:30 am

Who do you trust? Increasingly the answer seems to be: nobody.

After a year when voters worldwide thumbed their noses at mainstream politics and the elite, a landmark annual survey has found trust in major institutions is eroding at a rapid rate. And the effect is particularly pronounced here in Australia.

The 2017 Trust Baromoter by Edelman, the world's largest PR outfit, has documented an "implosion of trust" where one in two countries (including Australia) believe the entire system is failing and harbour deep fears of immigration, globalisation and changing values.

"We're talking about a trust crisis that is causing a systemic meltdown," says Edelman president Richard Edelman. Social researcher Hugh Mackay told Fairfax Media: "The big picture for Western societies, but especially Australia, is that respect and trust for institutions in general is in decline. That's not a healthy attitude for any society."

Despite the narrow re-election of Malcolm Turnbull, Australians' trust in government plunged 8 points last year to 37 (out of 100) one of the sharpest falls of any country measured. By comparison, trust was stable in Britain, while in the US it rose 8 points to 47. The only countries to experience a similar collapse in governmental trust were Mexico, Russia and Canada.
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Distrustful nation: OZschwitz loses faith in politics, media and business

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