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 The greatest threat to the OZschwitz economy is crazy politicians

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PostSubject: The greatest threat to the OZschwitz economy is crazy politicians   Mon Feb 06, 2017 1:06 am

The greatest threat to our economy is nothing really economic ó itís more political. This weekís National Press Club speech by the PM underlines how much work he has to do to help the economy. This is especially so when you consider the unhelpful rag tag mob that occupies the Senate nowadays.

The advisers need advice

I once described it as the Cantina scene from Star Wars and I donít think I can improve on that!

But given the importance of the nationís leader to inspire confidence I have to ponder who is advising Malcolm Turnbull?

Whoever it is, he or she wonít let the PM read this comment because it will underline how badly Malcolm Turnbull is being advised.

I really hope Malcolm isnít advising Malcolm because if he is, heís a goner, unless that changes.
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The greatest threat to the OZschwitz economy is crazy politicians

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