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 It's a stock-picker's market and other investment cliches

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PostSubject: It's a stock-picker's market and other investment cliches   Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:30 pm

"Avoid cliches like the plague." That excellent piece of writing advice is something I've tried to take to heart (oops, that's one) in my own efforts over the years.

It's doubly difficult, though, in the world of finance and investing. Far from avoiding cliches, the industry seems to live for them. If I was feeling generous, I'd suggest that jargon and cliches are a form of verbal and written shortcut that help improve communication. Less generously, perhaps it's because such language is the indispensable toolkit of the financial salesman whose job it is to part you from your money.
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It's a stock-picker's market and other investment cliches

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