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 Losing jobs to Poland, French workers see futile vote

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PostSubject: Losing jobs to Poland, French workers see futile vote   Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:32 pm

Two months before France's presidential elections, workers for Whirlpool in the northern French city of Amiens are torn between anger and resignation as the US appliances giant prepares to move their jobs to Poland.

The move to Lodz, set for June 2018, will affect some 290 workers and is the latest in a string of manufacturing closures to hit the city famous for its Gothic cathedral.

Caroline Bizet and many of her colleagues at Whirlpool, a domestic appliances brand, could not hide their contempt for politicians in a campaign season marred by corruption scandals.

"All the jobs are being outsourced. People are being laid off, there are suicides, there are divorces, everything," said Bizet, 49, who has worked for Whirlpool for 17 years.
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Losing jobs to Poland, French workers see futile vote

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