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 Pop Culture as a Leftist Weapon

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PostSubject: Pop Culture as a Leftist Weapon   Wed Mar 15, 2017 4:38 am

How the Liberal-Left Establishment Exposed their Strategic Position

A fundamental truth which has emerged since the election of Donald Trump is that the cultural divisions between the left and right have become more pronounced. Though it is possible that the elite establishment which controlled Western nations for decades has been pulling the puppet strings of both ideological positions, the election of Trump has taken back control of the right Republican Party in America and subsequently the nation.

The expressions of outrage and hostility which are being encouraged throughout the West against this massive shift in the political framework and cultural orientation are disproportionate to the actual circumstances and objectives of the new American administration.

The voters who participated in this massive shock to the political system, both through the BREXIT vote in Britain and the election of Trump, are having a challenging time understanding the counter argument of the leftist expression of resistance. This disconnect between what is being portrayed in the mainstream media and what is common knowledge on the ground is expanding at an increasing rate.

The more the media hammers the point that Trump and the new modern nationalism are fascist movements which are leading the world to another Nazi type environment, the more those voters are beginning to notice the huge gap between the left and right in our pop culture.

The Trump administration is encouraging job growth and a return to fiscal responsibilities which have been discarded for generations. It is setting up a framework to protect American heritage and cultural identity which has provided the bedrock for a large segment of Western civilization as a whole. These ideals and objectives are not racist or any other negative label. They are exactly what the majority of American people want.

Once cherished actors, musicians and popular personalities have come forward in opposition to the Trump agenda. These famous individuals have provided the core function within our pop culture. For seven decades this pop culture has expanded and intruded further into.
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Pop Culture as a Leftist Weapon

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