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 LOL: Reddit Community Helps Trump Fans Boycott Everything

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PostSubject: LOL: Reddit Community Helps Trump Fans Boycott Everything   Tue Mar 28, 2017 2:23 am

Are you a concerned consumer and do you absolutely love President Trump? Then this subreddit is for you!

The relatively new community /r/TheRightBoycott helps link Trumpsters with products and companies to boycott that have maligned Trump and the right in general. While some obvious companies make the list—hello, Nordstrom—others aren’t so obvious. It takes a keen eye to discern which companies are secretly slighting the right and these Reddit sleuths are here to help you figure it all out.
So here’s a list that will make you want to cancel you credit and join an off-the-grid anarcho-capitalist collective in Montana.
Logan (the movie)
Yep, the new Wolverine movie is worthy of a boycott. Apparently the film contains a secret, spooky anti-white, anti-American, pro-immigration agenda. While the movie is beloved by audiences and critics, the discerning and aggrieved will not have a good time at this movie, and their money won’t either. (WARNING: the link contains major spoilers from Logan.)
They once said global warming was real.
Uh oh, seems a bit counterproductive. But apparently allows too much shilling by David Brock’s leftist propaganda group, Share Blue. They also allow power mods to boost too many anti-Trump posts to the front page.
For “leftist cuckoldry,” of course!
They announced a line of athletic hijabs. 
The Super Bowl Halftime
Lady Gaga was caught Spirit Cooking. 
Pizza Hut
For having gay Star Trek actor George Takei in one of their ads. 
Panera Bread
Immigrant worker gave kid with peanut allergy peanuts.
Simon & Schuster
Dropping Milo’s book deal. 
The Rock
Disagreeing with Under Armour CEO’s pro-Trump  statements. 
Turned Brawny man into a chick. 
Because Jeff Bezos is allegedly doing business with the CIA.
Wow, that’s a lot of boycotting to do. But it must be done to make Daddy proud.

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LOL: Reddit Community Helps Trump Fans Boycott Everything

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