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 Billionaire Aims to Show Where Government Money Really Goes

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PostSubject: Billionaire Aims to Show Where Government Money Really Goes    Tue Apr 18, 2017 10:54 pm

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has launched a new project to help Americans find out where government tax money actually goes.

The project came about after Ballmer who is estimated to be worth at least $30 billion - retired from Microsoft in 2014. He was looking for something new to do and his wife urged him to help out with her philanthropy efforts.

He said his first reaction was to think he had already given enough by paying a lot of taxes over many years. But he then began to wonder where all that tax money he paid actually went.

Ballmer said he hoped that at least some of the money was going to help poor, sick and old people. But he found it very difficult to find specific information on the government spending.
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Billionaire Aims to Show Where Government Money Really Goes

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