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 Propertarianism - The Philosophy of Western Civilization in Scientific Terms

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PostSubject: Propertarianism - The Philosophy of Western Civilization in Scientific Terms   Wed May 03, 2017 7:21 pm

1. What is Propertarianism?

i) Description of Propertarianism

Simple Version:
Propertarianism can be described as Natural Law: the philosophy, logic, and science of cooperation.

Functional Version: 
Propertarianism constitutes an amoral (non-moral) formal logic for the purpose of comparing and judging all ethical, moral, and political statements, in all civilizations, and forming the basis of a universal, fully-decidable common (organic) law.
You can use the formal language of this law to construct all systems of government from the most absolute to the most anarchic, in operational language free of error, bias, and deceit. 

Contextual Version

  • The Law of Nature “Correcting Aristotle on Categories of Philosophy”

    • Physical Laws (Transformation) – THE NECESSARY
      Physics: Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Sentience, Engineering, Mathematics

      • Law of Man  (Action) (properties of man) – THE POSSIBLE
        Acquisition, perception, memory, psychology, sociology

        • Natural Law – Cooperation – THE GOOD
          Ethics, morality, law, economics

          • Law of Testimony – THE TRUE
            Testimony, epistemology, grammar, logics, rhetoric

            • Law of Aesthetics – THE BEAUTIFUL
              Sense, beauty, design, craft, content. manners. Fitness

This unification of science, morality and epistemology is profoundly important.
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Propertarianism - The Philosophy of Western Civilization in Scientific Terms

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