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 Rent-seeking BMW slams OZschwitz Government over "inaction" for electric cars

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PostSubject: Rent-seeking BMW slams OZschwitz Government over "inaction" for electric cars   Sat Jun 10, 2017 9:43 pm

BMW has accused the federal government of having its "head in the sand" when it comes to encouraging greater use of low emission vehicles in Australia.

Speaking at the launch of the new BMW 530e plug-in hybrid in Sydney on the day before Labour leader Bill Shorten issued an olive branch to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in a bid to resolve a stalemate over future emission policies, BMW Australia boss Marc Werner slammed the government for its lack of vision to set out a road map that would dictate a wider spread introduction of fully-electric and low-emission plug-in hybrid vehicles in Australia.

"We have talked about this before and not in isolation either," he said.

"There have been strong comments from a number of brands in the automotive industry. And these comments are embraced by the rest of the industrialised world yet fall on deaf ears here in Australia. The reason is clear; our government is so far behind the times in their view of climate change that they probably think we are getting around in horses and carts.
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Rent-seeking BMW slams OZschwitz Government over "inaction" for electric cars

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