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 For what it's worth: Trump Signs Executive Order Expanding Apprenticeship Opportunities

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PostSubject: For what it's worth: Trump Signs Executive Order Expanding Apprenticeship Opportunities   Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:41 am

President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he's signing an executive order to roll back regulations that prevent certain industries from creating apprenticeship programs.

"In just a few moments, I'll be signing an executive order to expand apprenticeships and vocational training to help all Americans find a rewarding career, earn a great living, and support themselves and their families and love going to work in the morning. We will be removing federal restrictions that have prevented many different industries from creating apprenticeship programs," the president said.

"We have regulations on top of regulations, and in history, nobody has gotten rid of so many regulations as the Trump administration, and that's one of the reasons that you see the jobs and the companies all kicking in so strongly. I think some very good numbers are going to be announced by the way in the very near future as to GDP. So we're empowering these companies, these unions, industry groups, federal agencies to go out and create new apprenticeships for millions of our citizens," Trump said.

"Apprenticeships place students into great jobs without the crippling debt of traditional four-year college degrees. Instead, apprentices earn while they learn, which is an expression we're using - earn while you learn. We're joined today by apprentices who know firsthand how these programs can bring new hope and new opportunities. We're also joined by some of the country's great governors," Trump said. Also on hand were Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon.

While announcing his executive order - Presidential Executive Order Expanding Apprenticeships in America - the president said thanked his daughter, Ivanka, for her leadership on the matter. 

"She understands how important it is. We're training people to have great jobs and high paying jobs, and we're here to celebrate the dignity of work," he said.

According to the executive order, "federal funded education and workforce development programs are not effectively serving American workers" despite the billions in taxpayer funding that are invested in them annually. 

"Apprenticeships provide paid, relevant workplace experiences and opportunities to develop skills that employers value.  Additionally, they provide affordable paths to good jobs and, ultimately, careers," the executive order stated. It calls for federally funded education and workforce development programs that don't work to be "improved or eliminated so that taxpayer dollars can be channeled to more effective uses."

"The Secretary shall use available funding to promote apprenticeships, focusing in particular on expanding access to and participation in apprenticeships among students at accredited secondary and post secondary educational institutions, including community colleges; expanding the number of apprenticeships in sectors that do not currently have sufficient apprenticeship opportunities; and expanding youth participation in apprenticeships," the executive order stated.

It also calls for promoting apprenticeships to prison inmates and ex-cons.

"The Secretaries of Defense, Labor, and Education, and the Attorney General, shall, in consultation with each other and consistent with applicable law, promote apprenticeships and pre apprenticeships for America's high school students and Job Corps participants, for persons currently or formerly incarcerated, for persons not currently attending high school or an accredited post-secondary educational institution, and for members of America's armed services and veterans," the executive order stated.

"The Secretaries of Commerce and Labor shall promote apprenticeships to business leaders across critical industry sectors, including manufacturing, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and health care," it added.

"The Secretary of Education shall, consistent with applicable law, support the efforts of community colleges and 2 year and 4 year institutions of higher education to incorporate apprenticeship programs into their courses of study," the executive order stated.
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For what it's worth: Trump Signs Executive Order Expanding Apprenticeship Opportunities

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