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 Outrageous: secessionist Hutt River 'royals' must pay $3m OZschwitz tax bill

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PostSubject: Outrageous: secessionist Hutt River 'royals' must pay $3m OZschwitz tax bill    Sun Jun 18, 2017 12:04 am

The Hutt River Province "royals" have been ordered to pay more than $3 million in unpaid taxes after a West Australian Supreme Court judge described their arguments as bizarre, irrelevant and gobbledegook.

Leonard Casley, 91, who called himself Prince Leonard when he set up the legally unrecognised independent state after a row over wheat production quotas in 1970, and his son Arthur had argued the court did not have jurisdiction because they had seceded from Australia.

But Justice Rene Le Miere ruled on Friday that the argument had no legal merit or substance.

"Anyone can declare themselves a sovereign in their own home, but they cannot ignore the laws of Australia or not pay tax," he said.

Justice Le Miere also described the pseudo-legal straw man theory argument as "gobbledegook".
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Outrageous: secessionist Hutt River 'royals' must pay $3m OZschwitz tax bill

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