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 Supposedly, pioneering type 1 diabetes therapy safe

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PostSubject: Supposedly, pioneering type 1 diabetes therapy safe   Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:46 am

The first trial of a pioneering therapy to retrain the immune system and slow the advance of type 1 diabetes has shown it is safe.
The disease is caused by the body destroying cells in the pancreas that control blood sugar levels.

The immunotherapy - tested on 27 people in the UK - also showed signs of slowing the disease, but this needs confirming in larger trials.
Experts said the advance could one day free people from daily injections.
Aleix Rowlandson, from Lancashire, was diagnosed in 2015 aged 18.
"Your blood sugars affect how much energy you have," she told the BBC.
"If they're high, they can make you feel tired. If they're low, you can feel shaky.
"I'm more optimistic knowing that the study has gone well and they can use that to find further treatments.
"Even if it doesn't help me, myself, and it might help other people in the future, I'm very happy."
Aleix's immune system is attacking her beta cells, which release the hormone insulin to keep blood sugar levels stable.
As a result, she has to inject insulin several times a day.
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Supposedly, pioneering type 1 diabetes therapy safe

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